It can be a huge boost for your business when you receive the proper consultancy services by an established firm.


The business advisors of our company boast deep experience in international business development and can provide reliable consulting services, helping you create a legal International (offshore) enterprise in Cyprus or other foreign jurisdictions. The company’s entire team of legal and financial consulting experts can conduct a feasibility study, draft a strategic business plan, proceed to valuations and implement a business process reengineering; all tailor made to your own needs and business objectives. 

With the financial market being more demanding and less forgiving than ever before and the International (offshore) business being a dynamic and continuously changing environment, you need to have an up to speed financial consulting team that will stand by your side, zealously protect your privacy and provide you with exceptional, yet affordable services. And this is exactly why you need the highly reputable, Cyprus based, C. Leventis Ltd


Writing a business plan is essential to any business and at any time of its lifespan. Such a document will give you projections on the funds you need to acquire for your business, how much you will need to earn for your company to become and remain viable, what kind of products and/or services you will want to provide, your target audiences etc. Overall, it gives you an overview of your business which is an integral part of planning ahead and setting goals. 

Being in business is not a blind business. One needs to have a clear image of the present and the future of their company. Of course, a business plan needs to be revisited from time-to-time, as variables change and goals need to change alongside those. Although there has been a lot of talk with regards to whether a business plan is necessary, even if you are a sceptic, one thing is for sure: if you are aiming at acquiring funding for your company, you will always need one to convince!


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